• Rigid/carton/soft cases, carton paper, printed collars, printed laminated aluminium, tipping paper.

• Complete range of specific packaging and paper industry products dedicated to the tobacco industry.

The origins of the Europoligrafico Company are deep-rooted in history as they date back to 1815, at the time of the
Austro-Hungarian empire, when the company was known as Luigi Jacob Paper Factory. In 1928 the Italian State
Monopoly Administration took over the company and the Rovereto plant began to specialise in the tobacco
industry - an intermediate stage in the history of the Group - which became privatised in the early 21st century.

Technical know-how was then developed at the plant in Trentino and shared with the other production plants.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and the highly-trained staff, the products on offer satisfy the needs
and requirements of the tobacco industry.

The types of designs that can be made on rigid and carton cases include Round Corners, Octagonal, Pillow Packs
and Slims solutions. Special supports are laminated support with metallic/hologram film or cardboard with particular
coating/embossing. Other options include soft paper in reels and/or punched-out (which can be enriched with prints
on the back), printed collars, laminates in printed neutral aluminium and perforated tipping paper, and the use of
micro laser and/or electrostatic technology.