• Drinks, wines, spirits.

• Cluster and wrap-around packaging for drinks, specially designed packaging for wine, carefully selected packaging and materials for spirits and luxury brands.

Europoligrafico offers a wide range of solutions also for the beverage industry.
The first products were developed in the 80's; these were specifically packaging solutions for gifts.
Subsequently, the increasing demand from the beer industry led to notable development
in the field of mechanizable clusters, which introduced the Group to new markets.

The product offer has since grown thanks to the production of wrap-around packaging, available also in undulated cardboard, and of packaging for drinks, wines and spirits. Nowadays, significant attention is also dedicated to spirits and luxury brands packaging, made with refined materials that customise the product and give it a refined touch. Therefore, the final product enters the market with an even more captivating look. Production has also opened up to the bag-in-boxes market, for which Europoligrafico has combined refined solutions - already used in prestigious packaging - with the technical features and performance of the materials that are currently in use.