General Packaging


Free time, electrical appliances, home accessories, gardening, displays, publishing.

Besides its single specializations for different markets, Europoligrafico also proposes packaging solutions for
different types of products and sectors. For publishings: book boxes, displays for publications and gadget holders.
For gardening: tool boxes. For home accessories: packaging for glassware, electric appliances,
ornaments and furniture. For footwear: packaging for trainers, health and safety footwear and ski boots.
For free time: packaging for products relating to sports, hobbies and toys.

The features of each packaging solution are tailored for their content and the structure is combined with the
most suitable material and technology for their end use.

Besides solid board packaging which can be laminated with particular types of film, microwave laminated material
is also produced at the plants. This solution is ideal for the production of all the types of packaging requiring
specific performances, both in terms of product safety and of high mechanic resistance for large-sized contents.
OTC, self-stand and window displays can also be made with these materials.