The plant in Perugia
Europoligrafico S.p.A.
Via Guido Rossa, 5 (formerly known as Via Corcianese)
06132 S. SABINA (PG) - Italy
tel. +39 075 5029 1
fax +39 075 5029 451

The plant in Perugia covers a surface of approximately 49,000 square metres, of which 21,000 are roofed.
Since 1932 it has offered packaging solutions and services to multi-national companies operating in the food industry.
The plant is equipped to accommodate for the general packaging industry and specialises in the production of packaging of oven-baked food (panettoni, colombe and cakes) and foil-line packaging for liquid foodstuff.

The plant in Rovereto
Europoligrafico S.p.A. (formerly Aticarta)
Viale del Lavoro 2/4
38068 Rovereto (TN) - Italy
Tel. +39 0464313333
Fax +39 0464313114

The plant in Rovereto covers a surface of over 56,000 square metres of which 22,000 are roofed.

This plant continues to perform the activities which began at the Cartiera Luigi Jacob factory back in 1815 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then during the State Monopoly Administration from 1928 up until the privatisation of the company and the arrival of new owners in 2001.

As a consequence, this factory has extensive experience in the production of packaging destined for the tobacco industry. State-of-the-art machinery and highly-qualified labour ensure all packaging solutions reflect the best high-quality standards. The range of products on offer almost covers the entirety of the tobacco industry requirements.

King Size cases, special cases such as: round corner cases, octagonal cases, pillow packs and slim cases. These cases can be made with special supports, and paired with metallic/hologram film or cardboard with specific patinas.

We can also produce counter-top displays in different shapes and sizes, such as the ones we make for slim cases.

Soft sheets of paper - in bobbins or pre-cut - available with printing on the back.

All kinds of solutions.

All kinds of solutions.

Available in standard colours (silver and gold) but also in different colours on request. The finishings of the product can also include printing both on the paper and aluminium sides. Grammage goes from 25 g/m2 to 40 g/m2, aluminium thickness varies from 6,35 my to 8,0 my.

From cork-type paper available in several designs to white paper which can be personalised, upon request, for prints with up to eight different colours. The tipping paper can be perforated both with micro-laser technology and electrostatic technology.

The plant in Treviso
Europoligrafico S.p.A.
Via Turati, 49
31038 Porcellengo (TV) - Italy
Tel. +39 0422 481 1 
Fax +39 0422 481 520

Our plant covers a 34,000 square metre surface, of which 15,000 is roofed.

Since 1938, we've been offering packaging solutions and services predominantly to multi-national companies operating in the food and non-food sector.

The factory is equipped to serve the general packaging industry and specialises
in the production of microwavable packaging.

Verona - headquarters
Europoligrafico S.p.A.
Via Canobbio, 34
37132 Verona (VR) - Italy
Tel. +39 045 8952 111 
Fax +39 045 8952 139

The headquarters of the Group are located in Verona because of its central position in relation
to the other three production sites.