• Confectionery, oven products, frozen food, consumer goods. 

• Solid board packaging laminated with plastic films and corrugated packaging for oven products, 
confectionery and products for special occasions, ice creams and frozen foods, dried food 
(pasta, rice, salt, sugar, flour, etc.). 

• Packaging both for direct and indirect food contact.

Europoligrafico is dedicated to producing packaging for oven, frozen, consumer and confectionery products.
Thanks to its wide range of machinery, Europoligrafico is able to offer packaging solutions created using
different techniques and specific materials for each type of product. The proposed packaging solutions include
solid board packaging laminated with plastic film and corrugated packaging offered with different types of
fluting, designed to contain a wide variety of items. From oven products (bread, croissants, cakes, etc.)
to ice creams and frozen products; from products for special occasions
(pandoro, panettone, colomba, focaccia bread, etc.) to dried food (pasta, rice, salt, sugar, flour, etc.).

For each category, packaging can be designed both for direct and indirect contact with food, by selecting and
using the most suitable material for each item. Europoligrafico has all the certifications which attest its
competence in the field of packaging. The creativity of its teams and the innovative technologies used in all of
the Group’s plants make it possible to design many different types of paper industry packaging solutions,
perfecting all the service possibilities and satisfying a wide range of requests.
In addition to this wide range of products,
Europoligrafico offers OTC and self-stand displays to optimize the presentation of products in stores.

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